Polycarbonate: The Lighter, Tougher & Safer Lenses For Your Glasses
It’s imperative to go for a complete vision suite when it’s our first time at buying specs online. Although, for everyone, a variety of frames and lenses are available on online spec stores however, none replaces the versatility of polycarbonate lenses. In turn, customers are still curious about their manufacturing, thinness, light weightedness and ability to resist the scratches.. It’s a ground reality that polycarbonate lenses beat regular lenses and add concreteness to your glasses. After all - nobody wants to wear glasses with fragile and scratchy lenses.

Polycarbonate: The Lighter, Tougher & Safer Lenses For Your Glasses

Polycarbonate Lenses - The Manufacturing Standpoint: 

Polycarbonate lenses manifest a world-class manufacturing process that allow them to be the best. Firstly debuted by an aerospace company, polycarbonate lenses are manufactured from the white colored water resins that enable them to outperform the plastic lenses by a great margin. On an average, these lenses are 50% lighter, thinner and more durable than its counterparts. With polycarbonate lenses, we can achieve the heaviest of prescriptions within thinnest dimensions, making it easier for high-prescription spec wearers to dodge the lens burden.


Polycarbonate Lenses - Ideal For Kids Glasses: 

It’s true - polycarbonate lenses have gone to greater lengths in achieving the highest level of protection with kids glasses. Since it is a daunting task to make our children wear prescription glasses for the first time and do not ground them when it comes to their play time. As kids require dangling and tumbling, it can increase the risk of getting involved with any physical incident. With polycarbonate lenses, this insecurity is slashed as such lenses are an extra ordinaire with durability and scratch resistance. Moreover, they’re thinner which make kids retrieve their adolescent look even with high prescriptions . Polycarbonates are the safest choice for kids. 


Polycarbonate Lenses - Best For Blue Light & UV Rays:

It’s another exception that the polycarbonate lenses offer built-in protection for hazardous blue light and ultraviolet rays. It means that taking a stroll in the sun or using multimedia devices for long wouldn’t be a concern for your vision. For kids, the polycarbonate lenses work like a miracle by saving their fragile eyesight with maximum protection. Knowing that the sun is the biggest source of UV, it’s essential to replace your regular lenses with polycarbonate lenses. Moreover, these lenses block 99% of vision-distorting rays and keeps our sight intact with the right amount of light. Save your vision from blue light & UV rays: get polycarbonate lenses on your favorite frame.

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