Why Buying The Right Eyeglass Lenses Is Essential For Your Vision?

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When we’re on the verge to purchase a new pair of discounted eyeglasses – the two worlds collide – the frame design and vision eloquence which we best achieve with rightly picked eyeglass lenses. As per research – the online eyeglass stores offer too many lens types and coatings which might create hassle for the first-time buyers. It has become extra essential to buy the right eyeglass lenses to accommodate the pair fitting as well as the vision, which is precious. The consumer experts have concluded that buying a new pair of prescription eyeglasses from brick and mortar with right lens is twice as expensive compared with online optics. Moreover, the digital eyewear superstores put more lucrative, long-lasting friendly deals on the eyeglass lenses than regular shops to reduce the overhead prices.

Explore The 4 Finest Lenses For Your EyeGlasses:

Varifocal Lenses:

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Undoubtedly – varifocal lenses are comprised of immense vision power which supports 3 different ranges. It supports near, far and intermediate distance visions and is a vital part of the glass industry for long now. The main benefit of using progressive lenses is its minimal distortion and an eloquence that allow this lens to shift the vision range from far away to up close with true precision. This lens is ideal for people who run multiple errands at home or at workplace.

Polycarbonate Lenses:

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Termed as the most robust, resilient and impact-bearing lenses, the polycarbonates are designed for individuals with an active routine and are familiar with sporadic movements with less care. This lens has relatively raised the bars with endurance and super durability. The polycarbonate lenses do not fear the slip-n-slide and cancels the dodging rays with its built-in UV filters. This lens has an adherence for extreme sports, rough weather and shaky movements.

High-Index Lenses:

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The high-index lenses are thinner, lighter and are famous for a comfortable sensation when worn over the eyes. This lens has been a recommended pick for individuals with hefty prescription values. The success of high-index lenses was recorded when it provided vision power while being sleek, light and less-sturdy. It is entitled as the “high-tech” plastic lenses that evoke a “thin effect” for the eyes.

 Photochromic Lenses:

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The photochromic lenses is an all-rounder lens which can be incorporated with varifocal and high-index ranges. It does a number of things: darkens the vision against extra sun exposure and eliminates the need of purchasing a new pair of sunglasses to confront such vision calamities. The photochromic lens is a breakthrough optical product which is molded in all designs, sizes and materials.

The Best Eyeglasses Lens Materials To This Date:

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Get Glass Lenses:

While preserving the history – the glass industry experienced a great revolution when glass lenses were introduced. There are various optic experts who endorsed their usage for an irreplaceable precision. With incidents and events – it was revealed that glass lenses are equally dangerous as their accidental wreckage results in serious damage or a total loss of an eye. The glass lenses, despite being accurate, are delicate which is why their usage has deflated worldwide.

Get Plastic Lenses:

Plastic lenses stay at the nucleus point of the modern-day lens manufacturing. Although – it started back to 1947, this one of a kind lens enrolls lucrative benefits for vision-concerned individuals. The plastic lens is thermal-driven and weighs half of glass lenses, making it a recommended pick. It is more affordable, durable and has the highest level of optical capabilities.

Essential Points To Be Noted:

  • The answer to “How to Purchase the Right Eyeglass Lenses for Your Vision" is to emphasize truthfully over lens-type, lens-design and lens-material to be on the same page.
  • Learn about the top coatings (UV Protective, Anti-Scartch and Anti-Reflective) to further protect the vision and enhance lens quality.
  • Take index of refraction, aspheric design and abbe value into consideration to acquire power-stable lenses
  • Do not ignore “Lens Fitting” and pick a frame that solely focuses on catering to your lens type.
  • Check back on lens comfort, lens durability and lens reliability as not all lenses are equipped with exact prowess.


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