Varifocal Lenses: The 3 Way Vision For Your Sight


It takes ages to find one perfect pair of glasses that accommodate our vision needs to the fullest. Since numerous aspects are taken into consideration at the time of buying new glasses such as the frame style, shape, weight, and the lenses, it’s important to rectify the choice we’re making. Apart from this, millions of glass-wearers remain deprived of the right lenses that offer maximum vision support with the right technicalities. For example: it has become an old practice to buy 2 pairs of glasses to accommodate near and farsightedness since varifocal lenses have very much made the difference. Hosting the far, intermediate and near distances, these lenses offer a 3-way vision and iron out the need for having to buy multiple frames for the same purpose. Read what makes the varifocals more empowering, convenient, and problem-solving. 


Varifocal Lenses: The 3 Way Vision For Your Sight


Varifocals: Explaining The 3-Field Vision

Varifocal lenses online have helped half the globe when it comes to dangling with multiple frames. Instead, this lens spans to over 3 vision fields: near, far, and intermediate to enable a stable sight at the time of shopping, using PC, driving or reading a book at palm grip. Along with the technical importance, varifocal lenses are widely known for fixing eye syndromes such as presbyopia which weakens the long-sightedness of the vision. Varifocal lenses are the all-rounder lenses that can be integrated into the frame with protective lens coatings. It is more convenient to keep a pair of glasses with a 3-way vision instead of hassling with multiple frames for near and far sight. 

Varifocals: The Post-Modern Vision Benefits

Compared with other lenses, varifocals offer a clearer sight up to 3 vision lengths and ensure that our eyeball movement has the control icon for our sight. Other benefits include the following:

1) Maintains a sleek & youthful look for people over 50 years.

2) No need for multiple glasses

3) Unlike bifocals, varifocals do not use a line to denote its varying vision ranges. 

4) Driving, reading, and using multimedia devices serve as the sole purpose of these lenses. 

6) Varifocals can be inducted to any frame style and is recommended for adults. 


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