1)  Why are your prices so low?

Controlled non-production overheads enable us to sell at such prices. Where people are more towards advertising and having big outlets, in turn, burdening their buyers, we exercise a low profile policy to get the same money back to our customers. The low price has nothing to do with quality. The quality of the frames and lenses are the same as offered in other stores. Only frames with superb quality are offered online after systematically evaluating every frame on set standards.

2) Do you have any stores?

We only sell online. We do not have a physical store.

3) Do you sell other brands of glasses?

We do offer a complete range of designer glasses.

View our Complete Designer collection here

4) Do you offer international shipping for orders outside the UK?

We offer Standard Shipping for international orders that are sent to their desired destinations via Royal Mail. However, depending on the destination, the cost for Standard Shipping for orders can be checked on the Checkout page.

5) Where are your glasses made?

We have production facilities in Thailand, the US, and Pakistan.

6)  What is your contact number and/or email address?

Our Toll-Free number is 0808-168-0019 and the email address is steve@goggles4u.com.

7) How long will my order take to arrive?

With Standard Shipping For the UK - it takes 2-3 Weeks. With Standard Shipping For other countries - it may take 3-4 weeks.

8) What shipping method do you use?

Orders with standard shipping are shipped through Royal Mail (48 Hours Tracking) service and for international orders with standard shipping, we use International Tracked by Royal Mail.

9) Do you offer expedited shipping in the UK?

Currently, only standard shipping is available.

10) How much is the shipping for the UK?

The cost for Standard Shipping to the UK is £4.95 per pair and £2 per additional pair. You can also use the Shipping calculator at checkout, which will quote the Shipping Price depending on the number of items and destination.

11) I've received my glasses but have decided to return them - what do I do?

Please refer to the return/refund policy (Click Here for Refund Policy) in this regard.

12) How can I check the progress of my order?

You can always check your order’s status in your account or you can even contact us for updates.

13) What info do I need to place an order for prescription glasses?

Ordering here is a simple three-step process. Select a frame and click on the details link button to see the full description of the frame. Please be sure that the size of the frame is the one you require. The next step is to enter your prescription in our database or you may upload a scanned prescription while placing an order.

While entering your prescription, please do not change the signs that are associated with sphere and cylinder numbers. This is the most common mistake. After entering your prescription a confirmation page will appear. Once you confirm, your selected product will be added to the cart.

14)  How do I get a prescription?

You can have your eye exam done by your doctor and get the correct values for your eyes from there.

15)  Will my prescription be saved to my profile if I register as a user?

Yes. All your details will be saved in your account once you are a registered user.

16)  Can I use my contact lens prescription to order glasses?

Eyeglasses can only be produced using the prescription of the eyeglasses. Contact lens prescription cannot be used for them.

17)  Are your lenses scratch-resistant?

All our lenses come with Anti-scratch and UV protection coatings.

18) Do you offer prism correction?

We do offer prism which costs £15 per pair up to Base 3 correction and £25 per pair over Base 3 correction. Usually, it is recommended that your prescription should be equal to or above +/- 1 (Sphere). For Designers, there will be an additional charge depending on the prescription. In case of any issues in producing the prescription accordingly, the customer will be contacted prior to production.

19)  What if Glass Lenses are not available in my prescription?

In case of the non-availability of glass lenses in your prescription, we will produce the order with high-index plastic lenses. 

20)  What about lens coatings - do they cost extra?

The anti-Glare coating can be added to the uncoated lenses for only £4.95.

21)  How do I pay?

We accept PayPal and all major valid credit/debit cards.

22) Is the payment page secure?

Your credit card is processed by PayPal where your information is 100% secure. We do not store any card detail. The other details are always secure on our servers.

23) Do they come in the original case & accessories with them?

Unfortunately, not all brands that we carry come with original designer cases or accessories since we purchase them in stock lots to offer you the best prices. We do provide a Goggles4u case if that brand is not available in a designer case with us.

24)  Is there any minimum cart value at the time of checkout?
Yes, the minimum shopping cart total after applying the discount code should be £4.95 (Excluding Shipping).

25)  Will I have to pay any taxes or customs duties?
Customs duty may apply on the orders that are going to be delivered outside the US, UK, and Canada. In case any taxes or duties are applied to the package as per the country`s customs/import laws, the customer will be responsible for it. We advise checking your country’s specific laws beforehand. Goggles4u will not be accountable for any customs duty applicable to specific countries.


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