Summer Spec Guide: Best Tint Colors & Lens Coatings For Your Eyes

Moving forward with summers is as easy as with any other season. But every transitional phase has its own challenges that require apt actions. The regular hit-and-miss of the UV glares doubles in amount when wading through the summertime and it opens a thick chance of failing our vision or probably choosing glasses that become ineffective under the sunlight. There are numerous add-ons that enhance the vision protection when it comes to spectacles such as lens tints and lens coatings; solely made to batter the intense summer beams and to keep your vision solitary in quality. Knowing that not all glasses offer the right mix of styles and protection - it's time to explore the best color tints for specs online along with lens coatings that play a major role in upscaling your vision and stomping the outdoor miscreants. 



Influence Your Sight With Shades of Today - Get Lens Tints Online!


Influence Your Sight With Shades of Today - Get Lens Tints Online!

Lens tinting is a highly customizable eyewear option when it comes to buying glasses online. It ensures that the glasses' forefronts i.e. "lenses" are tinted with the colors of your choice to style up and batter the outdoor glares or simply feel good about the pair. Today - there are numerous tinting options available; ranging from mirror tints, gradient tints, solid tints, and dual tints - all clutching on the agenda of making glasses weather, lifestyle, and occasion ready from the customer's perspective.


Lens tinting offers a sheet of chemicalized dye that sits well on the lenses and improves vision by working as a protector from UV and UVB rays. Likewise, it has become a modern style statement as it allows customers to echo their eyewear color inspirations and blend it with the frame of their choice. The modern world calls for converting regular glasses into prescription sunglasses for styling up with color blends and never getting over with added vision protection. 


Take Lens Protection To The Next  Level - Get Lens Coating Online


Take Lens Protection To The Next  Level - Get Lens Coating Online

After the lenses are cut, beveled and polished for regular eyewear use - the gap for adding extra protection for this commodity steepens. It means that we can touch down the next level of durability with lens coatings that are available with diverse lens options to choose from. The lens coating is about the personal preferences and the use of glasses that are curated from the customer's experience - their daily encounter with the frame's requirements.

There are numerous coatings that empower the lenses such as Anti Reflective (for glares & random beams, photochromic (self-tinting lenses that turn dark in sun and clear when indoors), hydrophobic (it is water repellent and makes the water droplets slip down the lens surface), and Digital Screen Protection (for multimedia devices that spur harmful blue light).

Choosing the right lens coating depends on the requirement we have and the expectations we mount up from the prescription glasses. For example, photochromic lenses offer great help on abundantly hot summer days whereas digital screen protection lenses provide the added protection to children with endless TV hours. The lens coating is a thin coat of machine-made substance which is stickered on the lenses and remains obscure from the human eye. It ensures that protection is laid out without tweaking the prescription of the frame nor the glasses style it is being made on.


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