Protect your Eyes & your Spectacles

It is wise to take care of your spectacles or take precautions while wearing them on. However if the going gets tough, there are ways where you can protect your eyeglasses. You can choose high quality plastic or polyflex material for your lens so that they don’t break easily when dropped by accident. You can also select titanium or TR90 material for eyeglasses frames as they are superlight, durable and impact resistant. They are soft and long lasting as this material is mostly preferred for eyeglasses frames especially for rimless frames.



It is also necessary to safeguard your spectacles as some people roughly use their eyeglasses while placing them on a table or anywhere else. It is better to select anti scratch coating for your eyeglasses to protect them from scratches on your lens thus making it easy for you to see through them. It is better to go for polycarbonate lenses as they are high quality lenses that do not break on ground impact.



When it comes to driving in the day light, you must go for ultraviolet coating to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and for night time, you can choose anti reflecting coating to protect your eyes from the glare of headings of the car which causes a reflection of bright light on your lenses.



These types of coating are necessary to protect your eyes and help you to see more clearly. They can be easily added for all types of lenses at Goggles4u.


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