Let your child pick out their own eyeglasses

Long hours of watching TV, using computer or playing video games may be stressful for your children’s eyes. You need to stay vigilant over your children’s eyes, however if your child complains that he or she is being uncomfortable while viewing things or that it becomes stressful while seeing so you should take your child for an eye check-up as he or she might be suffering from myopia (near-sightedness) or hyperopia (far-sightedness).

Kids Eyeglasses

Most kids do not like wearing glasses as it makes them look geeky or because of the fear that other kids might make fun of them. Hence it is important to make your child comfortable with the idea of wearing glasses. At Goggles4u, we have specially designed glasses for kids with the representation of their favorite characters like Barbie, Scooby Doo, Hannah Montana and Shrek so that they like wearing them.

The illustration of children’s favorite characters with glasses would also persuade them. However you need to make sure that your child is comfortable while wearing glasses. Take extra precaution while obtaining prescription details for your child’s eyesight from a qualified optician.

Kids Eyeglasses

Here are some tips that would help you to determine some key points when buying glasses for your child.

  • Make sure that the glasses for kids are durable, comfortable and light-weight. Most children use their glasses very roughly so you need to be careful that the eyeglasses are of a durable material and it does not break that easily.
  • Choose glasses that are large enough to shield your child’s eyes and for viewing them at most angles.
  • Your kids’ eyeglasses should also be impact resistant so that they do not break while running or jumping. It is recommended to use polycarbonate lenses as they are thinner and lighter than any regular plastic lenses. These lenses offer 100 percent protection from the harm UV rays of the sun and are 10 times more impact resistant than any glass or plastic lenses thus making them an excellent choice for glasses for kids.
  • Most importantly, let your child choose his or her own favorite glasses so that it becomes fun for them to wear glasses.

There are so many different styles of glasses for children at Goggles4u in different colors and shapes. We have also characterized these glasses with their favorite personalities so that they feel excited while wearing them.

Have a look at these famous glasses for kids at Goggles4u.

Sormani Kids Glasses
Sormani CT212 Kids Glasses

Shrek Kids Eyeglasses

Shrek 500362 Kids Glasses

Hannah Montana Glasses

Hannah Montana HM 320 512 Kids Glasses

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