How To Find The Right Glasses Matching Eyebrows

1. Balanced Eyebrows

Balanced Eyebrows

Well-Balanced eyebrows really reveal a pleasant and somewhat rounded curve. They surely look great with various shapes of eyeglasses. Undoubtedly, Round and Oval lenses could be the finest choices for matching Balanced Eyebrows.
A little rounded lens trails the bend of the eyebrow. You should avoid rectangular, small and upward slanted lenses such as cat-eye style that hides your eyebrow.

2. Arched Eyebrows

Arched Eyebrows

When discussing the arched eyebrows, these are usually for women. The eyebrows finish at a lower region on the temples. Large-sized lenses and a little rounded lenses could be great selection. For the superlative style choice, go for larger and rounder shaped lenses to focus the eye region.
Avoid those lenses having a higher straight edge, rising sloping lenses such as the cat-eye shape and small-sized lenses.

3. Rising Eyebrows

Rising Eyebrows

Rising eyebrows are those that end at an upper region on the temples. Lenses having Cat-eye and butterfly shapes could be the selective choices. For a fresh & young look, upward slanted lens shapes are considered as the best.
Avoid those lenses having a straight higher edge, as well as lenses with small & rectangular shapes.

4. Flat Eyebrows

Flat Eyebrows

Flat eyebrows usually make almost a straight line. You can choose either a rectangular or a narrow-shaped lens. Furthermore, rectangular, square and narrow lenses are the worthy choices. Choose these types of lenses for an elevating result on the eye region.
You can avoid round lenses, rising sloping lenses or the butterfly-shaped lenses.

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