There is some notable prestige in emulating the looks of our favorite protagonists and actors themselves. As hankering for an ideal has no limits; we often tend to mimic what our ideals have long exhibited on the silver screens, music videos and sports media. Consider Johnny Depp’s hoodlum appearance in Black Mass, Daniel Radcliff’s mystical wayfaring into Hogwarts in Harry Potter or Jason Sthatham’s undercover cop persona in Killer Elite, there is one common face accessory that serves as an identity marker for these protagonists: the glasses. Explore which celebrity look is worth hailing and buy specs to transcend your appearance in a cinematic sphere.

1 - David Beckham - Cool & Casual In Brown Squares:

 After propelling into his mighty football glory - David Beckham has literally startled his fan-base with dapper debonair looks that are often engineered by his artistic mind-set. Ever since his prolong man-bun knitted in Euro Cup - this football star has become a stellar brand in fashion. Nab some blighty beckham’s styles by exhibiting cool & casual square frames.

2 - Johnny Depp - Sweltering In Tortoise Shell

This high-end celebrity has attained crowning achievements in the world of British Movie Industry. However, his styles are not confined to his on-screen characters. Johnny Depp is a fashion icon himself and tries every look that fascinates him with his hair and accessories. Here, he displays his sweltering styles with a subtle, round Tortoise Shell.

3 - Zayn Malik - Rocking The Rimless Rounds

It’s quite often a sight to witness in the cramped streets of Britain that Zayn Malik’s retinue is struggling to board the larger-than-life music icon to posh restaurants. From quitting his boy-band to flaring up his taste in music as a solo-artist, Zayn Malik is an avante garde stylist whose energizing domains are his hairdo, voice and grandiose outfits. Here - he exhibits rimless rounds that endorse his delicate range of specs in a graceful tone.

4 - Kazuo Ishiguro - Flaunting The Rimless Rectangles

Kazuo Ishiguro is crowned and laced with various literature accolades and keeps his finesse on with subtle rimless rectangles. Already named a Nobel Literature Prize winner, Kazu Ishiguro demonstrates simplicity as the new blaze in the fashion world. Here - he contrasts his color-rich outfit with a sublime and delicate rimless rectangles that boosts his grace.

5 - Benedict Cumberbatch - Reflecting The Wood Rectangles

Benedict Cumberbatch puts on quite a show in television series and movies. No wonder, he’s also a recognized voice in the hemisphere of radio shows. His acting finesse helped him play a major role in the novel-turned-movie “Sherlock Holmes”. Since then, Benedict Cumberbatch exercises his high-end taste in specs. Here - he bosses his tailor-made suit with rectangle glasses in wood brown, using the sparkle of rivets for his triumph.



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