Good Friday 2020: Recalling The Divine Sacrifice & Beyond


It’s time to recall the divine sacrifice of Jesus and his intentions of redeeming the collective forgiveness for us. It’s Good Friday 2020 which is celebrated all over the world by masses in Christianity. In the UK, there are numerous christian fraternities such as orthodox, methodist and anglican that mark and observe this holy day as it sincerely portrays the crucifixion and tales which best describe the advent of Jesus  on the cross.

This day is considered one of the holiest and worth recalling days for its dense history from the Bible. The Good Friday leads up to Easter Sunday which falls two days after this and marks the miraculous resurrection of Messiah in the light of divinity. Further, the good friday remains the day of lamentation with majority of christians fasting and labelling it as the “Sorrowful Friday '' because of the tortuous historic events.


Good Friday 2020 - The Tradition, Myths & Facts:


1) The churches have collectively decided to use Zoom, Facebook and Skype to broadcast the insights of Good Friday 2020 on 10th April 2020 during the lockdown. 

2) Good Friday is a bank holiday all over the UK. However, some districts do not claim it as a time-off.  

3) Good Friday is also termed as the “sorrowful friday” from the german culture of previous times. 

4) The scottish districts do not observe nor encourage a day off on the event of  Good Friday.

5) Good Friday is  labelled as the “Holy & Great Friday” in the Greek liturgy.  

6) This event also marks the nuanced highlights of the “Last Supper” which Jesus attended with his apostles. 

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The concerning part is that lockdowns & self-isolation have come parallel to the commencement of the good friday. However, we’re very much thankful that we’re still alive to see this day pass by the horizon. Until the dust of panic settles, why not order two glasses at the price of one? Explore BOGO exclusively available for the spec enthusiastics. 


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