Eyeglass Lens Coatings: Anti-Reflective, Scratch-Resistant and UV

We all are aware that Lens coatings can greatly improve the appearance of your eyeglass and at the same time, improves the performance. For those who are looking to buy a new pair of eyeglasses or already have a pair, they can now order the new glasses with lens coatings. There are three essential things you must consider when purchasing a new pair, Anti-Reflective, Scratch-Resistant and Ultraviolet rays.

Eyeglass Lens Coating

Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective coating, which is widely known as “AR coating” is a thin multilayer coating that enormously reduces reflections from its front and rear surface of the lenses. Anti-reflective coating helps in rejecting brightness caused by light reproducing from our lenses. While eliminating reflection, lenses with AR coating deliver improved vision for driving and much more contented visualization for reading as well as while using computer.

This is also highly suggested for every lens but mostly for polycarbonate and high-index where more light is reflecting as compared to glass or plastic lenses if AR coating is not applied. Also, these lenses have flatter edges compared to regular lenses, which commonly become the reason of perceptible reflections. This is the reason that AR coating is exceedingly recommended for such lenses.

Anti Reflecting Coating

AR coating is very helpful when you order them to your prescription glasses to reduce or even eliminate reflections when you are looking away from the sun. If you want to obtain excellent comfort in any sort of lighting conditions, consult with your eye care professionals who may mention applying anti-reflective coating to photochromic lenses.

Scratch-Resistant Coating

Like we know, nothing remains forever in the world and so is the case with any eyeglasses. Therefore, it is obvious that there would be some or more scratches likely to come to your lenses eventually, depending on how one is using it in their daily routine.

However, if you keep your lenses sparkling with a clean and scratch-resistant cloth, which has a softer and microfiber surface, it would last you much longer rather than if you make use of normally used paper tissues and paper towels. Even your normal wearing clothing can leave some scratches depending on the material of your outfit.

Scratch Resistant Coating

For kids, people usually order anti-scratch lenses, as they know that children are rough & tough on these wears and making use of these coating can somewhat save their life a little longer.

Yet, do remember that even the finest scratch-resistant coating would not assure from complete defense and you may see a little wear and tear. One more best and easiest way to save the life of your eyeglasses is to keep them in a protecting-case when not using it and clean it with a microfiber cloth or any best cleaning solutions that your optician suggests you.

Ultraviolet Treatment

Comes last yet not the least on the list of lens coatings is the definitely the Ultraviolet Coating, which is an obscure dye stopping these harmful rays entering into our eyes and eventually damaging them. As similar to sunscreens, these coating also prevents the harmful rays from spoiling our eyes.

Moreover, the UV-protective behaviors for these lenses block most of the rays from destructing your eyes. Exposure to ultraviolet sunbeams can also become the cause of cataracts, retina-damage and some of the major eye diseases as well.

Ultraviolet Coating Eyeglass

Those daily Acetate, TR90 and plastic prescription eyeglasses lenses block most UV light, yet it increases UV safety to 100% for additional protection. Polycarbonate as well as some high-index lenses has complete 100% integrated UV protection. This way, an added lens cure is not obligatory for such type of lenses. However, photochromic lenses can block 100% UV rays of sun deprived of the need for further UV lens treatment.

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