Exceptional Protection:  Get Blue Cut Lenses For Your Specs
While we understand that blue-cut lenses have joined the bandwagon of top-selling specs accessories, it’s imperative to shed light over what makes it so exceptional and furthermore, what is blue-light that required a new type of lenses to abandon it from the human vision? Let’s explore what is blue light and how it gets in touch with vision in our daily lives.

Blue Light – The Overview:

As we have opted for high-frequency & automated lifestyle based on digital devices such as PC, tablets, laptops and smartphones; the blue-light is home to these leading machines that emit its flickers and glares. The blue-light is a harmful spree of rays that govern our vision through the screen with a gradual declination in our sight. Be it the toddler immersed in baby-rhymes or a businessman taking hours to compose his/her business presentation, the element which commonly batters their vision is the blue-light. It is apparent that blue-light offers a stronghold in digital devices and causes a range eye syndromes.

Exceptional Protection:  Get Blue Cut Lenses For Your Specs

Blue Cut Lenses – The Overview:

After coming full circle on the fact that the human eyes do not do exceptionally well in blocking ‘blue lights’, the lens experts brainstormed the creation of the powerful ophthalmic lenses called “Blue Cut Lenses”. The main purpose of these highly anti-glare, light-blocking and multi-purpose lenses is to redeem the comfort of sight during the device usage. The anatomy of blue-cut lenses is equally fascinating with major layers of glasses absorbing the incoming blue light and ensuring a safe haven for your vision.

The Features of Blue Cut Lenses

Blue Cut Lenses – The Features:

1 – Anti-Scratch Surface:

Getting blue-cut premium lenses and losing them to spontaneous falls and random smacks, it just doesn’t add up. That’s why blue cut lenses offer the resistance for scratches that distort the vision quality as well as the lens prowess. Blue cut premium lenses are anti-scratch and show ultimate endurance for marks and falls to keep your vision perfect.

2 – Blue Light Protection:

It is apparent that like various lenses: progressive or varifocals, even devices throw in high and low intensity of blue rays that distort the vision. At Goggles4U, our blue cut premium lenses block all that gets oriented towards your eyes for all devices running on the blue light.

3 – UV 400 Protection:

At Goggles4U, The Blue Cut Premium Lenses offer more than the ultimate device protection. Acknowledging that sun is the biggest source of blue-light emitting phenomenon, we engineer our blue-cut lenses with UV 400 protection that is the most advance shield for your vision. Our blue cut lenses offer protection for indoors and outdoors acts.

 4 - Anti-Glare: 

It is anti-glare ready, which means after implying the Blue Cut Lenses, your vsion will use less light and eradicates more reflections both in indoor and outdoor scenarios. For example: with an anti-glare coating, the shimmer of the headlight of cars do not distort your vision and sheild it aganist all unwanted rays.


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