5 Must- Have Translucent Frames For Your Glasses Wardrobe

Usually, trends are spontaneous in their nature and their presence is marked for a definite period of time before the obsoletion. Likewise, a few avalanches of styles makes a permanent shift in the vogue of their times. Thanks to the translucent frames, we have renewed our belief on becoming an elite part of fashion overnight. The translucent or clear frames offer a new perspective to the plastic frames with infused transparency that subtly but rather impressively permeates world-class styles to your look. It was realized right after their advent that clear frames are made for every color complexion. Moreover, the translucent frames offer diverse wardrobe wonders when it comes to trying them on various outfits. Don’t worry, if you’re dappering up for a birthday or need a casual-business look on a friday, the clear frames is the answer.

The 133155 Eyeglasses

1 - Silver Splendor - The 131322 Eyeglasses:

Embrace the silvery shades with new 133155 round glasses. Made with high-quality plastic, the new 133155 offers finesse with a comfy plastic nose-bridge and circular excellence with round forefronts. This frame renders silver splendor and is attuned to making wonders on dimly contrasted outfits. The 131322 eyeglasses seals the deal with a business-casual look. Draw in a fair bit of attention with 131322  round eyeglasses.

Contrasted Clarity

2 - Contrasted Clarity - The 129972-C Eyeglasses:

Contrasted with black and silver, the 129972-c eyeglasses is another grand entrance in the avenue of translucent frames. With the gifted rear spin-off, the new 129972-c Glasses offer clear forefronts with wood temple arms displaying artistic textures to amp up side looks. This frame amasses the right mix in acetate and wood. The 129972-c eyeglasses embarks on thick temples that blend well with its feel-good lenses.


Purple Haze - The 130112-C Eyeglasses

3 - Purple Haze - The 130112-C Eyeglasses:

Mildly swerved in its width, the new 130112-C Eyeglasses is for high-fashioned individuals with its real charm infused in its translucent structure. The new 130112-C Eyeglasses embarks on thick plastic forefronts and sleek temples that complement its various shades. This frame offers a persuasive combination of thickness and sleekness with an iconic cat eyes frame style to cherish.

Rakishly Round - The 127888 Eyeglasses

 4 - Rakishly Round - The 127888 Eyeglasses:

The 127888 Eyeglasses is minimalism at large. This frame offers an immersive translucent skin with round forefronts and upswept corners. Ideally, the new 127888 Eyeglasses is a feel-good frame with weight for summer essentials. Experience translucent goodness with 127888 Eyeglasses and cherish its inventively new saddle nose-bridge that fits your face instantly. Get 127888 Eyeglasses with par simplicity to style up.

The 122096-C Glasses

5 - Shades of Sophistication - The 122096-C Eyeglasses:

The 122096-C Eyeglasses is a quintessential pair of glasses with a clear-brown attendance. This frame offers many shades with a consistent dark color. The new 122096-C Eyeglasses embrace simplicity with long sleek temples that promise comfort. This frame is all about exhibiting dark sophistication from the lens of clear frames.


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