5 Little Habits To Prevent A Big Loss!

It is a fact that once you get to wear a prescription eyeglass, it becomes a part of your life and you must have the best quality in order to maintain your vision accurately. These days, we are aware of some of the best online prescription eyeglasses stores that offer these are very inexpensive prices to attract more customers.

Keep Your Vision Clear

The reason behind is that they don’t have such overheads like huge stores do, which saves them money and they in return, provide occasional sale prices. But what happens when you lose your pair of eyeglasses? Well, that really makes a huge annoyance when such moment arrives, as you cannot spend whole day without accurate vision.

Let us discuss five little habits, which can save you from Big losses as you don’t want to just get in trouble for which you could really do something easily:

1. Have a right place for your eyeglasses.

Right Place for Your Eyeglasses

No matter where you keep your glasses at home, keep a precise place for it. Either in your car, keep a fixed location or in your house, keep a selected shelf to store it every day. This will routinely save your precious time finding it if you cannot remember where you had left them last and you don’t have to slash the house apart to figure out where they are lying!

2. Use the glasses-case!

It is certain that since very long time, your new pair of prescription eyeglasses that you have bought comes along with a safety plastic case, and the reason for that is so it stays away from dust and scratches and you can easily use them for longer period.

Keep Your Eyeglasses in Case

Sometimes, when you buy an inexpensive pair from any local store, which doesn’t come with a case, you can simply get yours from any place, so to keep them safe & secured. This will not just shield your spectacles but keep them in better shape for long time. You can use a case to easily toss them in your handbag and they’ll remain good and safe in there.

3. Be prepared!

Make Use of String Rope

Always keep in mind that while wearing your spectacles to do water-activities such as surfing or swimming, you somehow knock down your beloved glasses into water and things get more bizarre. If you are ready for such activities and know how to take care of them, then it’s perfectly fine. Otherwise, you can make use of string ropes that goes through your neckline, which keeps them safe and you don’t have to just buy a new pair just for the negligence.

4. Don’t leave them behind.

Often time people take their eyeglasses to almost every place such as restaurants, movies or for grocery shopping. You really don’t need your specs left behind at these places as it could be tough to obtain them back.

Avoid Loosing Eyeglasses

In that case, you would have to make a hassle trip all the way back to that place. Making use of glasses strings and cases makes it much safer. This will eliminate all chances of your napkin covering them up and you leaving them on the table.

5. Clean it daily!

Clean Your Eyeglasses Daily

Clean your specs on a daily basis as you accumulate dusty particles on them somehow when using it entire day. Cleaning with a soft, fiber-cloth can be as simple as you are rinsing it under water to remove debris. Even spraying with compressed air can eliminate dust and other spots that may have gathered. The perfect decision is to keep a cloth particularly made for dusting glasses conveniently.


Make these five habits a part of your life and you can see much better difference of keeping your eyeglasses safer! But if you just break it anyhow, then you certainly need a new pair for sure. At Goggles4u, we bring you the latest designs of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses at the best and unbeatable prices guaranteed. So book your order right now to attain the best deal in town!

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