2014 - Eyeglasses Trends. What's New?

People might have opted contact lenses in the past but the trend is moving towards eyeglasses now. People like to look fashionable and stylish and with eyeglasses, they can opt for different shades of color, shape and size which could add more glamour to their appearance and personality.

As Eyeglasses are becoming more and more popular among people for their trendy and urban designs and styles, here is a look on a few popular trends of 2014 for Eyeglasses.

1- Cat Eye Glasses:

Fashion and designers have brought the cat eye frames back from the past. These Cat Eye Glasses are very much popular in women for their bold colors and cat eyes like shape. These Cat Eye Glasses offer a unique look and style for the ladies to match with their fashion appeal. Among the famous celebrities, Fergie has been spotted wearing the famous Cat Eye Glasses.

Cat Eye Glasses image

2- Over-sized Round Glasses:

Over-sized round glasses are mostly worn by accountants and managers for their geeky and intellectual look. Once worn by very famous personalities like John Lennon and Benjamin Franklin, these eyeglasses are still followed as a fashion statement because of their predecessors.

Round Eyeglasses image

3- Tortoise Shell Glasses:

Fashion and style accessories have so much to offer nowadays that everyone want extra detailing and color to add to their fashion look. That is why the Tortoise Shell Glasses are becoming popular for their color detail frames which offer a different blend of colors. The Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses have a brown splotched pattern design on a frame just like a tortoise shell eyeglasses.

Tortoise Shell Glasses

4- Over-Sized Squares:

The squares are always a popular choice among males and females as they have been adopted as a fashion statement by the likes of Johnny Depp, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Watson, Ashlee Simpson, Beyonce, Jude Law, Justin Timberlake and the Thor Star Chris Hemsworth.

These square frames are now being adopted in a much more over-sized shape.

Wayfarer Glasses


5- The Traditional Classic Rectangle Shaped glasses

Last on our list would be the Eyeglasses with the basic rectangle shape profile as they are re-invented in tasteful bright color schemes, offer a more polish appearance and also have a traditional square look.

Rectangle Glasses

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