Are you looking for a pair of sunglasses that offer two different tones and enhance your color perception? Gradient tints are a way to go! This type of tint is ideal for indoor and outdoor endeavors and offers the built-in potential to batter out the vision-deflating UV rays during intense sunshine.

How Does Gradient Tint Work? 
Usually, the top portion of the tint follows a darker shade, gradually becoming lighter as per the height of the lens surface. 

Consistent UV Protection:
Gradient Tints provide consistent protection when it comes to saving your eyes from UV rays. As it's darker at the top, the light entering your cornea are immediately reflected back, while maintaining styles. 

Flair For Cosmetic Appearance:
Wearing gradient tints results in improved color contrast and also refines your cosmetic appearance. You can browse for the best gradient tints with over 1000+ frame styles. Gradient tints can also be coordinated ith your apparel, or any fashion accessory as they exhibit 2 color tone.

Multiple Tint Color Choice:
You can order glasses with gradient tints in multiple color options. Further, customers can also set their own tinting intensity to uptick their vision preference. Shop for gradient tints today!

Steps To Order Gradients Tints


1) Finalize Your Frame & Enter Prescription: Choose your frame style and color. After that, click on "Add To Cart" to enter your full prescription.

2) Enter Your Prescription & Rx Type: Enter your prescription or send it later. Choose your recommended Rx Type. (Single Vision, Bifocal or Progressive) 

3) Select Your Lens Type & Lens Options: Click on Sunglasses Tints and select “Gradient Tints'' with your preferred color option. Once done, choose the most suitable options for Lens Thickness and Lens Quality as per your prescription.  

4) Finalize Your Lens Coatings: Select your preferred lens coating or choose “No Coating”. Make payments by clicking on Add To Cart”

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