Have you ever stopped to think about the impact that your lenses have on your daily life? Whether you’re about to buy your first pair of eyeglasses or have been wearing them for ages, it is safe to say that the quality of your lenses can make a world of difference. In fact, wearing high-quality lenses is not just about improving your vision, it's about enhancing your overall well-being. Let's explore what Goggles4U UK offers when it comes to wearing high-quality lenses that improve vision. 

Our Lens Types

Single Vision Lenses: Single vision lenses are a type of eyeglass lenses that correct only one type of vision problem. They are designed to provide a clear and focused vision for either nearsightedness or farsightedness. Whether you struggle with seeing objects up close or far away, single-vision lenses can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Bifocal Lenses: Bifocal lenses are a type of eyeglass lenses that contain two distinct optical powers. They are designed to correct both nearsightedness and presbyopia, a condition that affects the ability to focus on close objects as we age. The upper portion of the lens is typically used for distance vision, while the lower portion is used for near vision. 

Progressive Lenses: Progressive lenses are designed with a 3-way vision range provided in the lens power from the top to the bottom. The top portion of the lens is optimized for distance vision, while the bottom portion is designed for near vision. The intermediate zone in the middle of the lens allows for clear vision at arm's length, such as the computer work.

Photochromic: Photochromic lenses contain special molecules that undergo a chemical reaction when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays. When UV light hits the lenses, these molecules darken, providing you with the perfect amount of shade to protect your eyes from harmful rays. As soon as the UV light diminishes, the molecules return to their clear state, allowing you to see clearly indoors.

Our Lens Coatings

Anti-Scratch Coating: Anti-scratch lenses are made from a special type of material that is designed to resist scratches and abrasions. These lenses are typically made from a durable plastic material called polycarbonate or a high-index material. Both of these materials are known for their strength and resistance to scratches.

Anti-reflective Coating: Anti-reflective lenses or anti-glare lenses, are specially designed to reduce reflections and glare on the surface of your eyeglasses. They are created by applying a thin coating of metal oxides to the lenses, which helps to eliminate unwanted reflections and enhance visual acuity.

Hydrophobic Coatings: Hydrophobic coating is a special chemical glazed on the lens surface to provide sufficient protection from the water droplets from forming on the lenses. It also erodes the sweat that trickles down around the nose-bone and helps in sustaining vision under fog or mist.

Digital Screen Protection Lenses: Digital screen protection glasses, also known as blue light glasses, are specially designed eyewear that filters out blue light emitted by electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Blue light is a high-energy light that can penetrate deep into your eyes, causing a range of issues including eye strain, dryness, blurred vision, and even sleep disturbances.

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