Why UV Protection Is Mandatory For Your Eyes In Winter?

Why UV Protection Is Mandatory For Your Eyes In Winter?

What’s The Winter Catch?

There is a solid foul belief that the scintillant sun-rays only batter your eyes in summer days. However, research claims that even winter season may wreak havoc for your eyes and certain eye-protection is required to keep your vision empowered. It comes as a surprise to many that strolling through parched and cold days without eye protection can be a deflating situation for their sight. It is an important objective, to acquire UV protection for your eyes, before the 80% sunrays, immersed and concealed in thick, overcast clouds, start damaging your eyes. Have you heard about photokeratitis? It’s an optical sunburn that distorts your cornea. While you shroud in warm furry apparel, learn why and how UV rays may disrupt your vision and give birth to various eye syndromes.  

How UV Rays Target Your Vision In Winter?

Even if your city has turned whitish with heavy snow, chances are, the shimmering sun can target your eye sight from the narrow chinks in clouds. Knowing that ultra-violet rays, whether full or embryonic, may render multiple damages to your eyes including: snow blindness, macular degeneration, cataracts and other scenarios that shape up into retina damage. In places with higher elevation, the UV exposure intensifies and there is a dire need of adding sun protection in your prescription specs to remain outdoor and run your errands accordingly.

Why UV Protection Is Mandatory For Your Eyes In Winter?

Get Specs With UV Protection At Goggles4U:

It’s true that your eyes exhibit ample sensitivity to get hurt by various compounds in the environment. It is the most vulnerable body organ when it comes to outdoor strolls or surviving all 4 seasons without precautionary moves. Regardless of summers or winter, we must add UV protection in our specs to roam around with complete vision care. Knowing our world gets colored through our eyes, Goggles4U, with 6 powerful lens coatings, offer built-in UV protection in all frames, shapes, sizes and styles. This winter – deflect vision-distoring UV rays by ordering discounted pair of specs at Goggles4U UK.


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