Why Cleaning & Storing Your Glasses Is Extra Important Today?


As we’re gliding through the times of the post-pandemic uncertainty and since glasses are a highly personal commodity, it’s more than important to clean and store your glasses today. The “United Nations” suggest that more preventive measures should be taken on accessories that have the potential to acquire the dusty elements and so this includes the pair of specs. Although it is reckoned to clean your pair of glasses once in every week, it’s time to present a more conscious stance on their cleaning and storing. Explore why cleaning & storing your glasses has become extra important today. 


The Unnoted Negligence - What Makes Your Prescription Glasses Lose Their Value? 

There are numerous events that highlight the cleanliness of the glasses. However, in a nutshell, their implementation damages the frame and lens quality. Learn more on the indirect negligence we bring about to our glasses:

1) We use t-shirts and hard-fabric garments to get the dust off our glasses, which could cast notable scratches on the frame lenses. 

2) We use a combination of water and paper towels to clean our glasses which are rough in nature and add minimal scratches on the lens surface.  

3) We use home-based cleaning products that are highly restricted for commodities such as the glasses. A substance named ammonia chemical heavily depreciates the lens quality. 

4) Leaving our glasses in an extremely cold or hot climate, such as in a locked car on a sunny day or vice verse can twist the frame shape and add a tear of imperfection on the lenses.  

The Proven Tips To Cleaning Your Glasses For A Restored Exclusivity

1) Use lukewarm water to rinse the dust off the glasses and lenses.


2) At the time of washing, it's important to lather the soap around the nose pads.


3) It's ideal to use soaps without the moisturizes to wash the glasses with ease.


4) Shake your glasses gently to rinse off the remaining droplets on the surface of the lenses.


5) Use a fiber cloth to dab the frame and lenses. Eradicate the remaining dust particles this way.  


Learning The Safest & Easiest Way To Store Your Eye Glasses In The Idle State: 

According to sources, an individual living in the USA is responsible for producing a staggering 40+ pounds of dust annually and some of it may linger around where you reside. It makes storing your glasses extra important. Since various lenses and lens coatings or even the frame materials are dust-catchy, it's our responsibility to keep the glasses safe in an idle state. The experts recommend using the glasses case to keep the frame locked and stuffed from unwanted air particles and maintaining a stable posture. 


Another good move is to fold your glasses in a fiber cloth and put them anywhere unreachable. Numerous people would also invoke the use of a fiber pouch especially during the traveling hours to keep their frames safe and sound. Another point to ponder on is the Goggles4U UK's built-in scratch resistance infused in the lenses that makes the lens surface more potent and marks-free. It's a great way to shop for glasses that could stand random slip & slides without tearing up the efficiency of the lenses. 

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