Why Blue Light Prescription Glasses Are Important  For Heavy-Duty Gamers?


There has been a revolutionary leap in the fame acquired by the gaming activity; whether happening at the comfortably put-together gaming den at home or the professional esports venue. A huge swarm of gamers have doubled their interest in their favorite gigs and a multitude of blue-light consoles are being used for the endless hours of entertainment. At one point gaming is a safe haven from boredom but it may also get addictive and interfere with your professional endeavors with its time-consuming nature. Now more than ever - we've individuals who commit to games until they finish and this zealous maneuver doesn't only chew up their time but also wreaks havoc on their eyes. 


Although, the fun is endless and worth the time & efforts, there's still a strong need to fix your vision protection if you're a heavy-duty gamer. Whether it's about being glued to the enlarged LED at home every day or participating in an esports tournament with your fellow colleagues, the installation of blue light lenses in your prescription glasses is imperative and stops your eyes from falling prey to the dooming electronic vision exposure. 

1) Protection From Multiple Devices:

It's very clear that blue light does intervene in the normal pattern of vision and gradually destroys it to the fullest. But, which device drives it out? After gaming kicked in, there are numerous consoles and devices that enable the harmful blue light to enter your retina. Even the sleekest and tech-savvy products are not deprived of this light such as play-station, x-box, laptops, computers, tablets, and smart-phones. It makes blue light prescription glasses a one-stop solution for multiple devices.


2) Block Blue Light In A Dark Setting:

Usually, when it's a gaming showdown at home or at the esports venue, the gamers prefer playing it up in a dark setting for prolonged hours, causing them digital eye strain, dry-eyes, and even post-match headaches. This makes it essential to find a block for the blue light which constantly enters your retina and files for vision distortion in a dark setting. The blue light prescription glasses at Goggles4U UK perfectly achieve this milestone by keeping your eyes safeguarded from the hazardous blue light in a dim-light environment.


3) Captivating Face Comfort:


The blue-light blocking glasses offer a wide-ranging liberty of getting it installed to the frame style and shape of your choice,  rendering boundless comfort for your endless gaming hours. The thing with gamers is that their headphones remain intact at the time of playing video games and some glasses may subdue the comfort level with their stiff temples. This way - the blue light glasses come into action and ensure that gamers are protected with their vision and feel good.


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