What's The Ideal Cost of Buying Prescription Glasses Online?

What's The Ideal Cost of Buying  Prescription Glasses Online?


The world is stuck in a high-end manipulation when it comes to formulating the prices for the commodities that hold an intrinsic value for us. As a society, we've long realized the fact that consumers are willing to pay a fortune to get their hands on a product of their choice - which infuses a global timidity of buying the products that are high in utility for a bank-injuring price. It seems that the monopoly of understanding the "need of the hour" when it comes to a certain commodity is played out well by trickling down the supply and blocking the other means of acquiring the same item.

We see that round the year but when it comes to vision - buying a pair of prescription glasses should rise above all market-limiting exceptions and become accessible to the consensus of people having weak eyesight. It means that a wise choice would be to attempt a price comparison before a lavishly designed brick and mortar store use their sly sale-strategies and charge thrice as much on the commodity that saves vision and costs a mere amount. 

1) A Glitch In The Business Model

The simplification of the price tag that we see stuck to the pair of eyeglasses at the brick and mortar stores starts from the very glitch of their business module. Universally, the wholesaler and retailer module is followed and a single commodity is billed back to back before it makes it to the store racks and onto your face.

The usual suspect is the way specs are compiled with profit-making lens manufacturers and frame-suppliers joining the bandwagon of making a product. It initiates from the product development and adds up with the overheads of the physical store: salaries, bills, and rent, as each elevates the price of the product. Eventually, it bloats the base price of the frame with hefty labels for the general public.- all set to injure our savings by initiating a fortune of spendings. 




2) Pioneering The Prices

Pricing for glasses has seen numerous ups and downs - this mass-market surge has led physical stores to sign off this commodity as something that equates to a splurge, whereas buying prescription glasses from online stores that host their very own manufacturing units for both, glasses and lenses, makes a difference. Even the online retailers are following what the physical stores have long practiced, devoid of the true essence of selling a commodity that saves vision. But, in the nutshell, online eyewear makers such as Goggles4U UK is offering glasses for as low as £6.95 which includes standard lenses powered with the AR coating for your incredible eyewear experience. Pricing for glasses should be affordable, consistent and should not shoot up to the level of hefty price tags which eventually deprives the general public of buying this commodity online.




3) Direct Manufacturing & Delivery

From freight expense to brushing up the silver platters of supplier tolls - there are two main reasons why even online eyewear retail stores set their base price of the pair of glasses as $100 or more. It means that a wiser move is to find an online glasses brand that directly manufactures and delivers prescription glasses to consumers worldwide. It saves the cost, time and glasses can be restocked upon the will of the demand at any time. It also saves glass-wearers from the ultimate hassle of experiencing the toppling eyewear quality that is delivered by varying vendors as with self-production, the highest level of product authenticity can be managed without any glitches. Likewise, Goggles4U UK offers the chance to buy glasses with consistent optimal quality: from frames to eye wires to the insertion of lenses and hosts a world-class manufacturing unit that directly produces the end product for your use. 


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