The summertime is closing in on us, not just for the weather change, as it also profoundly affects the fashion wardrobe. Keeping this in mind, there are numerous frames that create a fascination for the new spring and summer trends for the prescription glasses. This year - just when the days are getting longer, the pairs that best reflect the summer & spring spec trends are angulars, translucent and shades from lavender pink. The merging of both season’s fashion has innovatively painted the design canvas with hype for the refined oversize glasses and angular frames resorting to their resort. 


1) Pink Perfect -  The 129266-C Round Glasses: 


The new 129266-C Round Glasses casts a refined look with metal body and frames that are  wider than taller. This frame is for the collected individuals with temples endorsing its serene presence. The 129266-C Round Glasses is perfect for spring & summer season wardrobes with a light feel. With colored temples and ample-size nose pads, this frame clutches on a new level of comfort and styles with metal durability promised within. 

2) Subtle Impressions - The 129266-C Round Glasses:


The new spring & summer trends call for the oversized styles that serenade our persona with subtle yet action-packed vibes. This frame 129266-C Round Glasses retains the same resort with metal goodness and capped temple arms that contrast its  silvery presence. The new frame offers a spin on authentic classic rounds with a shiny nose-bridge. Be the agent of change and wear 129266-C Round Glasses for great spring & summer looks. 

3) The Feline Look - The 133110-C Cat Eye Glasses:


The spring and summer buzz is not only about the oversized metal glasses as the new feline look with 133110-C CAT Eye Glasses has come right on time. The sun's out and so do these dazzling frames for high-fashioned divas that acquire the best of styles for their attendance. Exhibiting a regular feline look, the new 133110-C CAT Eye Glasses sizzles with subtle blue and black with ultra-comfortable nose bridges that enable a great face grasp. 


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