The Easiest Ways To Clean Your Glasses At Home

A problem which is common as well as vital to solve for spec-wearers is the tidiness of the eyeglasses. As much as it seems that no efforts can lead to the restoration of glasses to a point where newness is recognized, there are methods that help in tweaking their condition to a temporary rise. Considering that glasses are a delicate object with dust-catchy lenses, it’s time to read about the easiest ways to clean your pair at home.

1 - Handling Your Specs:

It is noted that the cleansing of your specs also steam out a new requirement of handling them with care. Since glasses have marked fragility and their mishandling cultivates to their damage, it’s extra important to try out a gentle hand with them. Handling your specs right is the first step towards the cleaning tenure. It’s reckoned to position them upside down and hold them directly from the eye lenses to avoid any mishap. By doing so, we ensure no tears & scratches surface the lenses and frames that are top-heavy remain aligned with the right calibration. Handle your glasses this way.


2 - Cleaning The Frame Structure:

While respecting the anatomy of glasses, the “frame” part is first to get buffed in the formation of the cleaning process. This part offers more roam to clean and includes the gunk and oily elements. To this, there is a reliable home-based way which is effective and risk-free. Ideally, using a toothbrush to swabe-clean the grime and oily hits on the nose-pads and hinges is a smart choice. Moreover, avoid tooth brush bristles making a contract with frame lenses. Once the frame restores the shine, move toward the lens part which is far more delicate and requires higher bit of attention. 

3 - Cleaning The Delicate Lenses: 

We all understand the fragility of having delicate lenses as they cover up the technical side of the glasses. When it comes to lens-cleansing, go for glass lens sprays that come without ammonia as this element damages the lens surface and deteroriate its utility. Moreover, once you've sprayed the lenses with a suitable spray, use microfiber cloth to rub and wipe off the moisture from the lenses, with its dry part. At all costs, avoid using dish and paper towels and refrain from damaging the glass lenses.


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