The Cheap Prescription Glasses - Vision Commodity or Modern Fashion Accessory?


As the topic of this write-up is self-explanatory: we'd like to start with the pre-template of the verdict that the cheap prescription glasses are a universally used commodity for vision-aid and a modern-fashion accessory to celebrate on the canvas of personal styles. We're so divided by what we do and how we spend our lives. From job roles to our personal admirations - we're stuck in the loop of preferences which reflects our approach towards buying a resourceful commodity. 


Taking the inevitable timeline into consideration - the first pair of glasses were made to address the problem of the common men who wandered around with deflating vision. However, the mid-century intervention from designers and innovators recategorized the commodity of cheap prescription glasses into a must-have fashion accessory to stay in the limelight of contemporary styles. Over the years - millions of people have used cheap eyeglasses as a commodity but kept up with the fervor of watching this object of utility being revamped into a fashion-forward invention. 



Let's take one glaring example from the history books. The genius of Benjamin Franklin (American President) led to the invention of the bifocal lenses that enable glass-wearers to project their vision with two different ranges: near and far. On the other hand, the famous pilot glasses were designed and engineered by Bausch & Lomb that particularly catered to the personas of the pilots. This frame style started turning heads and Hollywood a-listers began using it for the uniqueness of identity it had carried. it is imperative to state that cheap prescription glasses are neither a commodity nor a modern fashion accessory but a gamut of needs that make up our lifestyle. 


The Cheap Prescription Glasses As The Vision Commodity

Every commodity serves a purpose in our lives and glasses are held responsible for empowering our vision with their ability to make it clear, stable, and long-lasting. It means that the cheap prescription glasses serve the purpose of healing our sight and as a result - enhancing their longevity. It also sheds light on the anatomy of the glasses and their far & wide technical side based on the prescription, lens coatings, and lens types. It contributes to the ability of the glasses to help us see. From progressives to bifocals to single-vision lenses - the prescription glasses for men and women offer the right traits of being called out as a vision commodity by cross-checking the optical requirements of the eye-concerned people. It also heals the incoming eye syndromes that may turn worse with aging. For example: wearing a pair of glasses with the right lenses cures the build-up of presbyopia - an inevitable eye syndrome that chases people drawing into their 40's. Based on the technical aspects of the glasses and their long-term effects on our sight - cheap prescription glasses are a vision commodity not to ignore.






Cheap Prescription Glasses As The Modern Fashion Accessory

As more creative geniuses began experimenting on this commodity which was solely made to uplift the weakening vision: the cheap prescription glasses quickly turned into a modern fashion accessory for laymen and even celebrities. The commodity was worked around with colors, frame material, frame styling, etc. The frames with a winged-out shape became 'cat-eyes' and glasses with a dark stroke on the top turned into "browline" glasses. Over the years - recognized individuals from numerous industries have used prescription glasses as a modern fashion accessory to contrast their outfits and attendance with. This commodity has embraced the likes of Marilyn Monroe (Cat Eyes), Tom Cruise (Pilots), Robert Downey, Jr (Squares), and John Lennon (Round) with the list being continual even today. Using cheap prescription glasses as a modern fashion accessory is catching trends with Solid Color, Printed, and Dual-Colored frames. 



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