The 3 Darling Frame Duos For Your Valentine’s Day


It is immeasurably melancholic to be a loner on an occasion that preaches peace, harmony and love. Historically stating, mankind has experienced various fun-filled, elating occasions but the universal ding of the Valentine’s Day is prevalent as loved birds mingle up and hug it out on this beautiful day. The day of 14th February glistens romantically over the calendar with millions of zealous aficionados vouching it’s their once in a lifetime love.  Truth be told – we’ve seen spectacular glimpses of human admiration on Valentine's with men and women exhibiting sheer love by wearing the statement accessories such as bold and beautiful eyeglasses.

Despite embracing the Valentine vibes – sometimes, we make baffling attire and accessories choices that render disastrous outputs for our appearance on a day that is pumped with love and affection. Let’s endure this. We don’t demand perfection; but some people are worth melting for. It is our responsibility to dress up, dazzle and confess the love to our significant other. Similarly, explore the 3 darling frame duos that we coupled creatively for you.

Not convinced, yet? If love can move mountains then a frame with the right inspiration would turn heads at Valentine’s.

1 - Swoon In Love – Wear The Glorious Rounds:

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Looking to dress and astound on a cherishing Valentine’s night? Our glorious black and red rounds nullify doubts, empower affection in our body language and render a pitch-perfect, romantic look for men and women. This bundle deserves an immediate purchase as it has staggering steel and the heart-warming acetate. When the hustle-bustle of this love day is at its peak - add elegance of black or look lustrous with red – wear the glorious rounds for Valentine’s.

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2 - Adore Your Paramour – Wear The Cult-Classic ClubMasters:

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It feels emasculated when it is Valentine’s and the outfit we are wearing is not oozing with a flourishing vibe. Nod? We bet! Whether we take a stroll and explore how the passionate shop keepers replenish the space with heart-shaped balloons or surf over the internet to bump into soul-gliding messages, we whole heartedly feel the message of togetherness. Dodge the somber attendance at Valentine’s by confidently wearing the cult-classic ClubMasters available in shimmering Maroon and sophisticated Black. This duo slinks us under a mesmerizing style emblem with subtle rimless and sturdy mix. Remember - when the faintly romantic Valentine’s moon glistens, the great looks start to matter.

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 3 - Dazzle Your Dearest One:  Wear The Ravishing Rectangles:

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Valentine’s Day is a surefire way to borrow a resort in someone’s heart as it gets the world buzzing with love, peace and empathy. It’s a time when millions of heart-pounding impulses enable lovebirds to immerse into heart-to-heart conversations and endless spooning that is witnessed on the foggy river banks, romantically-organized restaurant tables or locked in a silent alley a minute after the midnight. We believe that another sly method of delving and wooing the hearts of the dearest ones is by dressing up dapperly with love reflecting in the attire. Explore the ravishing rectangles made out of sleek steel and reliable acetate for Valentine’s fun. Get a debonair look with premium black or printed black rectangles to add the romantic flair. This frame duo has capped and acetate temple arms with an all-round subtle presence that dazzle our dearest ones.

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Surprise, Surprise! As Valentine’s exemplifies the global encounter of the loved ones regardless of ethnicity and skin-color, we are chuffed to unveil our contribution to this universal love saga. Order the 3 Darling Frame Duos on our Buy One Get One purchase matrix. Get the romantic playlist sorted, pull out the long-kept dresses and purchase 2 love-oozing frames for the price of one.

You’re Welcome,

Have A Happy Valentine’s Day!

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