Getting new, resplendent specs? Sounds fun. But, not when we’re deprived of the strategy to order the right eyewear for our face shape. Like our other unique attributes, all glass-wearers have a varied face cut which is the roadmap of their visage. It’s extra important to consider slopes, curves, narrowness and heightened points of face for a perfect accentuation. Let’s do more exploration and set the most common face shapes as an embarkation point. Explore why face shape is essential in buying perfect new spectacles.


Be chuffed to hear that the oval face shape is reckoned as one of the most stylish visage types with balanced proportions. This face shape gets into the limelight for a broad forehead and narrowed down jawline. The oval face can become more angular with sharp hairdos. There are no overwhelming features that should be ‘swept under the rug’ as oval face is naturally proportioned with sublime roundness and sharpness which makes it ideal.  



The oblong has a notion surrounding it: a face shape with largest face length. It’s true. This face shape is taller and wider with jawline making its way to the front. It’s said that oblong carries the plotting of the oval face shape, except that its way taller which gives volume for styling. It is still equal in proportion with jawline and cheekbones sharing the same diameter.



The square face shape is an exceptional display of visage with great features that surround it. Although, it’s a bit risky to accentuate it with experiments, the square face is adaptable in nature. This face shape renders strong and notable cheekbones with a prominent chin. The square face offers near-to-equal face length and width maneuvers for contentment.




The diamond face shape joins the bandwagon with recessive traits that include: strong cheekbones and a narrow chin. This face shape consumes most of its volume on forehead, narrow chin and narrower forehead width. The diamond face shape resonates with narrow, narrower and narrowest phenomenon to explain the formation.


The round shape presents a fuller look based on curves and no angularities. However, the roundness can be best utilized by styling it up with pointed aspects. It's also important to add height to round face shape. This face cut posseses equal width on cheekbones and face length. There are no hard lines on the chins or any angles that support its sharpened dimension.

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