Cleaning your glasses - Do’s and Dont's

Don’t you just hate it when you get scratch marks on your glasses no matter how carefully you handle them. Some people don’t really know how to handle their eyeglasses or how to clean eyeglasses. There are some important things to consider for cleaning eyeglasses. Let us provide you with the best tips on how to clean eyeglasses for the perfect vision.

1.       Cleaning Eyeglasses

Your eyeglasses would eventually collect dirt or dust which may cause irritation for viewing or can even be harmful for your eyes. Best way to clean eyeglasses is to wash your lenses daily with soap and warm water. Wash your lenses gently and carefully. When drying your eyeglasses, always use a soft cleaning cloth which comes with the glasses. It is better to keep a spare soft cleaning cloth just for the drying your eyeglasses. Use the cloth carefully to dry your eyeglasses completely.


2.       The Don’ts

Never use household cleaners or any kind of special cleaners that contains ammonia or bleach for cleaning eyeglasses. Also, don’t use a tissue, the cloth of your shirt or harsh cloths for cleaning eyeglasses as they may put scratches on the lenses. Always use the soft cleaning cloth which comes with the case. It is better to ask for a spare soft cleaning cloth also as it contains soft small micro fibers that clean the lenses completely. This cleaning cloth also removes fingerprints and smudges throughout the day.

3.       The Do’s

Wash your Microfiber cleaning cloth atleast once in a week. Always keep your eyeglasses wrapped with the cleaning cloth in the eyeglasses case when not in use. Use both of your hands to take off your eyeglasses and place them gently in the upward position. These tips would definitely help you to keep your eyeglasses clean. 


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