COVID-19: Top Eye Care Tips To Practice During The Pandemic

Even though we're all together in this, there are some precautions that ring bells on an individual ground. When it comes to contagious viruses, we embark on the journey of cleanliness by taking major steps. However, in the light of the modern evidence, it’s the little ones that may also enable the wide spreading of the COVID-19. Being in the lockdown is stressful, yet with patience and perseverance of safeguarding our lives with simple eye care tips, we can not only curb off the prevalence of the virus but also protect our vision as well as the children's. Explore top eyecare tips to practice during the pandemic to keep your vision intact. 

1) Avoid Touching Your Eyes: 

It is recommended with a heavy heart to avoid coming in contact with your eyes or the nose using your hands. This can have dire consequences as the experts claim it to be the reason behind ingesting the virus into your body. It is considerably important to keep our organs disengaged from the unworthy touches. Sadly, the glass-wearers develop a habit of rubbing, and poking their eyes to relax the exertion. Avoid touching the eyes and nose to curb off the germs transfer. 

2) Use The Glasses Cover Box: 

We’re already witnessing a global pause in public transportation that raises the probability of COVID-19. However, we must not leave our glasses unattended, especially in an accessible  area. It is reckoned to use a sanitized glasses cover box to keep your pair safe and sound. Moreover, since glasses are made up of plastics or metal, the virus may stay on the surface for hours. Avoid putting your glasses to rest during the public travel and sanitize your eyewear when home.  

3) Use The Alcohol Wipes:

Got back from the grocery store or a short stretch at the local park? If you've had your glasses on, it's time to wash them off gently but with the right mix. Use alcohol wipes to cleanse the frame and lukewarm water to rinse the lenses. Clean the delicate parts of the glasses with a fiber cloth. 

4) Wear Glasses Instead of Lenses:

It's time to shift to wearing the glasses and maintain the focus of your vision with this new commodity. That's right! Since contact lenses require lots of hassling with hands, especially at the time of taking them off, the glasses on the other hand, are safer, durable and more long lasting than their counterpart. Explore a range of frame styles online and search for a perfect pair here.



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