9 Lifetime Tips

You bet! The struggle is constantly there for girls who vouch on keeping their eyewear neat, organized and in mint condition. Men or people with no association with this brilliant invention would never understand the complications and comprehend to the sense of responsibilities that emerge as we initiate the maintenance of the eyewear. We would - If we run errands, watch movies, read books and win at life while wearing a prescription eyewear.

In a high-fashioned world, we happily splurge our dimes on the posh wallet-bursting eyewear– But, aren’t they still prone to misty rain, winter fog and lens-wrenching scratches? It makes us discard the blemished eyewear and purchase a new one immediately. We may royally care about our prescription eyewear during the first few months. After a while, their color exuberance starts fading away and precision in the lenses plummet as they rest recklessly on the dust-catchy desks and loaded side tables.

Here’s how we choose, cleanse and compare our eye wears with 9 Lifetime tips and hacks.


1. The Frame Research

Researching about our frames with effective strategies can work as the breakthrough in redeeming a bespoke eyewear for raving beauties whom the vendors might swindle of their style preferences via persuasive choices.  Not every spectacle delivers an iconic “Marilyn Monroe” touch and not every style makes you a timid, nerdy girl. Do you like metal or plastic frames? Explore around.

Frame Selection

2. Make Two Picks At Once

Do not confine your choices, make two picks and skyrocket your preferences. This way, we would continue to sail on the fashion bandwagon and keep making a distinctive move on the streets. Find new and lucrative discount deals to purchase 2 eyewear glasses at once.

3. Socialize For Great Frames

The world is at your service. Socialize to decide which frames would elevate your persona and win over existing designs. Use image tools to adjoin virtual frames on your front-facing pictures. Ask courteous friends to share verdicts upon how buffed is the chosen eyewear.

4. Select Your Lens

Depending on your requirements, select the prescribed lenses with top precision and ample thickness. To cater to stronger prescriptions, purchase the “Aspheric” lenses that are lighter, thinner and flatter than the usual ones.

5. The Charisma of Your Color Tone

The smartest move is to get your color tones evaluated. It serves as a prelude in purchasing the highly-fancied spectacles. Do you exhibit a cool or the warm color tone? Glance down on wrists and check if your veins loom out as blue, making you a cool-toned person. However, if they appear as green then it makes you a warm-toned diva.


Know your Color Tone


6. A Hairdo Called The High Bun

Embrace the new avalanche of styles by trying out trendy hairdos which most girls miss out on. Grill up and look instantly chic with a full-rimmed rectangular frame worn on the gorgeous high bun. Contour your lips with mesmerizing shades and accentuate your eyes moderately to get a blinding persona.

High-Bun Hairdo


7. Use Nail Polish To Tighten Up The Glass Screws

Do not use your spectacles unless the screws are tightened to perfection. The simplest hack is to moisten the threats of the screws with nail polish drops and then tighten them up. This method would result in extra shimmer and a more balanced grasp of an eyewear.

8. Tweeze Your Eyebrows 

A hardly remembered tip is tweezing and revising your eyebrows with subtle massacre shade which helps in sharpening up our persona. We should redesign our eyebrows on a weekly basis as some frames might offer a wider than taller dimension; delivering a chance to make impacts via freshly trimmed brows.

Tweeze your Eyebrows


9. Get A Fascinating Feline Look

Do you admire the feline family and want a flick of their naive, innocent and warming presence into your persona? Choose the cat-eye design with bold outer edges and rounded frames.



Your spectacles should empower two distinctive aspects: deliver precision through distance, reading or varifocal lenses and embellish your persona with a timeless class when you wear them around. Be a smart maintainer when it comes to an eyewear and does wonders with the designs you fancy.

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