It is best believed by many that the eye vision and frame styling go hand in hand, making it an inevitable equation at the time of buying your new pair of glasses. Since the sun has mercilessly started shining big on our heads, it’s an ideal time to get going with the pair of rakishly designed sunglasses. But a wiser move is to turn your power frames into prescription sunglasses for men and women. By taking eyewear into this perspective, we enlist a number of vision benefits that include protection and elevation of your eyes. Explore 5 trendy frames to turn into prescription sunglasses and revamp your summer look! 


The 127762-c ROUND EYEGLASSES  offers a great room for acquiring the best prescription sunglasses with its enlarged forefront and a slim acetate structure. This frame perches well on the face with a curved nose bridge. Get this frame in 3 different tints.

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